Marzi Sinks Made In America

Common Questions About Marzi Sinks

What is the difference between the the Marzi standard whites?

Click on an image below and you will get a larger photo - remember color can vary

Standard white colors of Marzi Sinks

* image color will vary slightly depending on individual monitor settings *

  • 42 is "White"
    This is a softer white. Use when hand painting to compliment white fixtures.
  • 48 is "Bisque"
    This is our standard glossy creamy off white finish.
  • 79 is "Bright White"
    This Glossy opaque finish is the brightest of the Marzi whites and compliments other whites in the industry.
  • 83 is "Matte Bisque"
    This is a standard matte creamy off white finish.
  • 84 is "White Matte"
    This is our standard matte white finish.

How do I order a Marzi sink?

If you are interested in purchasing a Marzi sink, check out the find a showroom page and find the closest distributor to your location. Contact the distributor and they will help you order the sink that is right for you.

Can I order a color sample?

Absolutely. We encourage our customers to order a sample before ordering a sink. We can create samples of whites, custom colors, and designs.

Feel free to contact us to inquire about ordering a sample.

Do you glaze the underside of your sinks?

The underside of a Marzi sink is always glazed but it may not be the same color as the inside of your sink. If you would like it to match please let us know when ordering.

Do you keep sinks in stock?

We do not make sinks for stock, but we do have a small amount of our standard white sinks available. Feel free to contact us to inquire about sinks we may have.

How long does it take to get my sink after I order it?

After a Marzi sink has been ordered it typically takes 2 to 6 weeks for the sink to be ready to ship.

Standard white sinks take 2 to 3 weeks. Painted and carved take 3 to 6 weeks. As our sinks are all hand made the amount of time is not finite and can take longer in some instances.

Is there anyway to speed up the time it takes to make my sink?

Unfortunately not. Each Marzi sink is hand poured, cleaned, carved, and painted. To ensure the quality of our products and due to the very nature of clay we can not rush any of these steps.

Can I get a cutting template for the sink I ordered?

All of our sinks are hand made and the sizes can very slightly. Thus we encourage our clients to wait until they have the sink or sinks in their possession before cutting. We can send cutting templates for any of our SELF RIMMING sinks. We do not provide cutting templates for the UNDER MOUNT sinks as the sink will be needed for an exact cut.

How do I know what the Sink Code means?

In our Gallery area you will find all of our sinks have codes associated with them here is a little break down of what the code means.

Ex: M-42-400 Beautiful

  • The Sink
    "M" or the first element of the code is a letter or group of letters which represent which sink will be used. Our many sink shapes and sizes can be viewed starting on our Products Page
  • The Color
    "42" or the second element of a sink code represents the base color of the sink. Numbers represent our standard whites, "Cstm" is used for colors and standard Metallics, "Faux" is used for sinks that are hand painted to match stone, tile, or marble.
  • The Price Category
    "400" or the third element of a sink code represents the difficultly of design, which will enable us to price the sink. Starting at a code 100 (for standard white sinks) up to code 700 (for the more intricate all-over designs)
  • The Description
    "Beautiful" or the last element of a sink code is the description. This can range from the name of the color to the description of the design hand painted on the sink.

Do your sinks have overflows? What do your overflow holes look like?

Most of our sinks have overflows. Marzi Sinks have a unique overflow pattern and we have received many compliements over the years. Many customers find them esthetically pleasing.  Here are photos of the two patterns, on the left is used on larger sinks and the right on smaller sinks.

What Sustainability and Green initiatives does Marzi Sink Factory incorporate?

Renewable energy purchase for the factory through the Blue Sky program reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 75.6 tons annually, currently 99% of our clay is recycled back into our product and low energy zone lighting is used throughout the factory.

We are a mindful and ethical company, making sinks in America providing jobs in America.

How are the designs and artwork applied to your sinks?

All of the designs and artwork on our decorated sinks are hand painted by artists in our factory. Marzi Sink Factory does not use decals to apply designs to our sinks. This technique insures that each and every one of our decorated sinks are an original and unique piece of functional art.

Can I get a design from your website on another one of your sinks?

All of the designs painted on our sinks can be duplicated or adjusted to any of our other sink.

Can a design be modified to my desired look?

Absolutely! One of the many purposes of our large gallery of sinks is not only to show what we have created in the past, but to also inspire the creative minds of our clients.

Can a sink be customized to match a provided color, stone or design?

Yes. Marzi Sink Factory has matched many sinks to client provided color samples, stone and tile. We have also matched the designs from tiles, wallpaper, plates, and many other samples. We have many examples of matched designs and colors throughout the gallery section of the site.

Are the colors I see on my computer the exact colors of the sinks?

Due to the various brands, styles, and types of computers and monitors there is no way to ensure that the colors seen on the website are an exact match to the real sinks. The only way to get an exact match would be to order a sample. Please feel free to email us for information on ordering a color or design sample.

I see drain pieces in your photos, do the sinks come with drain fittings?

Our sinks do not come with drain fitting, when purchasing a bathroom faucet you should get the drain fitting this way your faucet and drain piece will match. We put the fitting in the photo to give a finished look to the photo.

How Do I Care for My Sink?

Maintenance Instructions

Clean Basin after installation and before first use. Use a mild, non-abrasive soap and cloth. Mild abrasives such as “Soft Scrub” are not acceptable. Continued use of chemical or abrasive cleansers or abrasive pads will eventually remove the finish. Keep your sinks clean and dry to preserve their beauty.

Care Of Real Metallic And Opalescent Finishes

Real metal such as gold and platinum and opalescent finishes require special care. They offer a look that cannot be duplicated with other finishes. They are low-fired, soft metallic glazes which will wear even with normal use in moderate traffic areas. We therefore encourage other design options, and cannot guarantee the on these lavatories after they have been installed. To ensure long lasting beauty of your Marzi Metallic or Opalescent lavatory, keep it clean by following these precautions.


Use a mild liquid, non-ammoniated, pure soap (i.e. Liquid Ivory). Wipe with a soft cotton cloth to clean. Abrasives of any sort will damage the finish. Mild abrasives such as “Soft Scrub” are not acceptable. Tip: Dry your sink after every use to prevent hard water spotting.

Do you have a question that has not been answered?

Please feel free to email us so we can answer your questions.