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About Us

Over fifty years ago Rudi and Nancy Marzi started a business in Carmel Valley California that we now know as Marzi Sink Factory. Today, in our new factory located in Southern Oregon we are well into our second generation. Here the Marzi family continues to create bathroom sinks with the kind of care, craftsmanship, and superb attention to detail associated with only the finest of art objects.

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From start to finish each Marzi basin is created by hand with one client in mind.

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Each sink moves carefully through the factory. We take great pride in each part of the process and pay attention to all the details. The sink is poured, cleaned and dried until it is ready for bisque firing.

All of Marzi's sinks are unique individual pieces, matched in color and pattern to the exact specifications demanded by decorators and discriminating clients. Each is completely manufactured by hand, regardless if you order white, or highly decorated sink, every process personally supervised by the Marzi family.


The results reflect the commitment of Marzi Sinks: To bring to your home that which can only come from the hands of the true artisan, the unmistakable essence of good taste -- inspired individuality.

About Marzi's Commitment to Sustainability

While most companies today are "green" Marzi is continually looking at dual sustainability - operating in a lean manner as well as continuing to minimize our global impact.

Our commitment stays close to home as well, the people in our factory and the people in our community are equally important to us. Marzi is a small family owned and operated company that values personal relationships. We are a mindful and ethical company making sinks in America providing jobs in America.

Made in USA

You will find every Marzi sink is Stamped Made in the USA and has a date. This date is affectionitely know as the "born on date". Each sink is also signed in the wet clay with the Marzi name by one of our artisians.

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