With Custom or Faux Backgrounds

In Classics

Below you see a sample of classic designs that have custom or faux stone backgrounds. Often times tile or fabric creates the inspiration for the design.

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ab-faux-400 fleur de lys ribbon

Fleur de Lys Ribbon

Gothic Scroll

ab-faux-400 matched faux and leafy border

Leafy Border

c-faux-400 jerusalem gold acanthus

Jerusalem Gold Acanthus

f-faux-400 brown scroll on travertine

Classic Scroll

h-faux-400 Trav Noche Victorian Deco

Noche Victorian Deco

hd-faux-600 english walnut w walnut acanthus

Walnut Acanthus

j-cstm-600 la brea moresque

La Brea Moresque

nb-cstm-500 custom color scalloped shell

Brittany Scallop

nd-faux-300 romanesque classic

Romanesque Classic

qb-faux-500 acanthus liner custom tone on tone

Custom Acanthus Liner

qb-faux-500 yorkshire stafford border and bowl

Yorkshire Stafford

CU-faux-500 romanesque acanthus liner

Romanesque Acanthus

g-faux-500 dry brush border

Dry Brush Border